Women's History Month

Administrator Spotlight Reegan Heddings

ACEE values the culture, traditions, and history of our supporters. Join us in celebrating Women's History Month!

Q: How has your family and cultural background shaped the person you are today? 

My family and cultural background have played a crucial role in shaping my values and principles. Growing up, I was instilled with a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for education. My family’s emphasis on financial responsibility and the value of economic independence has greatly influenced my commitment to promoting financial literacy. Additionally, the cultural values of resilience and community support have fueled my determination to empower others through education.

Q: What makes ACEE significant in your perspective?

The Arizona Council on Economic Education (ACEE) holds immense significance in my perspective due to its dedicated efforts in advancing economic and financial education across the state of Arizona. ACEE’s commitment to equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the modern economy aligns perfectly with my own mission. The organization’s comprehensive approach, which includes providing resources, training educators, and fostering partnerships, makes it a cornerstone in the promotion of financial literacy. Being associated with ACEE allows me to contribute to a collective effort that has a far-reaching impact. 

Q: What motivates your passion for financial and economic education?

My passion for financial and economic education stems from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of knowledge. I have witnessed firsthand the positive effects that a solid financial education can have on individuals and families. Empowering people with the skills to make informed financial decisions not only improves their immediate well-being but also contributes to the overall economic health of our communities. The desire to break down barriers and make financial education accessible to everyone, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, is what motivates me to tirelessly advocate for and contribute to this vital cause.