InvestWrite®, an innovative national writing competition, is a program of the SIFMA Foundation offered exclusively to teachers and students participating in The Stock Market Game™.

Your students have entered the world of business and finance by participating in The Stock Market Game program. InvestWrite®, a  teacher-designed writing component and competition, is the perfect companion reinforcing newfound knowledge and honing critical thinking skills. 

Not only does InvestWrite® complement The Stock Market Game program learning experience, it also give students to chance to win laptops, trips to New York, pizza parties and other great prizes. 

Fall Submission dates coming soon. Learn more more about InvestWrite.


Teachers currently registered and participating in The Stock Market Game program with actively trading student teams are eligible. 

All students currently registered in The Stock Market Game program with a valid team login ID and password are eligible. 

Your students participate by writing essays in their grade division: Elementary (4-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12).

Teachers select the top responses from each class, acting as the first-round judge  Teachers submit the top responses electronically to the next round of evaluation at the national level  

Each entry must be an original work, representing the student’s own research, thinking, and writing. 
4-5 grade maximum 800 words (minimum 300 words) 
6-8 grade maximum 900 words (minimum 400 words) 
9-12 grade maximum 1000 words (minimum 500 words) 


Cash prize awarded for State Winners in each division:​ $100

Scoring Criteria


  • Written in a manner that indicates there was a logical thought process involved in addressing the assignment. 
  • Thoughtful progression of ideas and recommendations.  
  • Clear connections between the student thinking and recommendations or conclusions.  

Understanding the Subject Matter  

  • Does the student completely address the elements of the question and use appropriate terminology?  
  • Does the student exhibit knowledge regarding researching and planning an investment strategy?  

Writing Style 

  • Essay is interesting 
  • Writing style is articulate and engaging  
  • Essay shows evidence of accurate editing paying attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  

Fall 2023 InvestWrite® Winners

Arizona Elementary School InvestWrite Winner

Student: Clara Duffer
School: Canyon Springs STEM Academy
Teacher: Christine Rowlan

Arizona Middle School InvestWrite Winner

Student: Scarlett Spies
School: Mountain Sky Middle School
Teacher: Lori Glover

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