Connecting early childhood literacy with practical economic and personal finance knowledge through engaging activities.

Program Overview

EconReads is an initiative where passionate ACEE volunteers engage with kindergarten through third grade students through the magic of storytelling. These dedicated readers not only share captivating district-approved books but also weave in valuable lessons about economics and personal finance, making learning both entertaining and educational. Each session goes beyond the pages, with thoughtfully designed hands-on activities that bring economic concepts to life. EconReads not only fosters a love for reading but also instills essential economic principles in young minds, planting seeds for a future generation of financially literate and curious individuals.

It was amazing. I loved the turnout of all the volunteers. When I went into all the classrooms, all the students were engaged, and you can tell it was something they wanted to learn!

Ms. Cervantes, Title I Specialist

Benefits to Bringing EconReads to Your School:

For Students

EconReads enriches young minds by merging captivating stories with real-world economics. Students are not only inspired to enjoy reading but also receive practical economic knowledge through engaging activities. Students gain a dual benefit—literacy skills flourish, and a foundational understanding of economics is nurtured, fostering informed and curious learners.

For Teachers

EconReads elevates teachers’ impact by seamlessly integrating captivating stories with state standards-aligned lessons. With each session, educators witness engaged students and receive professional development credits. The added bonus? A copy of the featured book and lesson plan, providing valuable resources for continued classroom success. Education meets exhilaration!

For Volunteers

EconReads empowers volunteers with the joy of sharing inspiring stories and cultivating economic understanding in young minds. Through interactive sessions, volunteers not only contribute to literacy but also gain a sense of fulfillment by making a tangible impact on students’ learning journeys. It’s a rewarding experience that ignites passion and purpose.

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Volunteers reading to an elementary class.

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