Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer in your community? ACEE may have just what you are looking for! Volunteers are needed to assist in many programs throughout the year.

Volunteering at the Financial Literacy Family Night was an incredibly rewarding experience. My coworkers and I enjoyed working with the students and their parents. We can’t wait to volunteer again!

Ashley, Muscular Moving Men

Amazing organization. Amazing respectful students. Practical financial information they can use in their everyday lives.

Alexis Castornia

This is a great opportunity for kids to really teach them financial literacy. I think it is important for them to start young and learn what decisions are best for them to prepare for a good financial future.

David E., volunteer
A group of boys presenting in front of the judges at the 2023 Mayors' Challenge
A group of four girls presenting at the Mayors' Challenge 2023

Judge Competitions

Judges play a crucial role in recognizing and rewarding excellence in various economic, personal finance, and entrepreneurship student competitions. We offer judging opportunities throughout the year, both in-person and remotely. Volunteer today to make a meaningful impact on the communities we serve.

Student Event Volunteer

Invest your time in helping students develop essential life skills through an engaging budgeting simulation. By volunteering at events like Financial Fitness in Action you can help students build financial literacy and learn the value of money management. As a volunteer, you will guide them through the process, providing feedback and advice along the way. This experience is not only valuable to the students, but also incredibly rewarding for the volunteers. By sharing your expertise, you can help prepare the next generation for a successful financial future. Join us today and make a lasting impact on the lives of young learners.
Volunteer at a table working with a student with a calculator
Volunteer sits at a table with a mother and son working on a financial literacy activity.

Community Event Support

Join us on a remarkable journey, empowering students and families with financial literacy skills through engaging activities. Make a positive impact on the community, gain valuable experience, and inspire change. Volunteer today to help families build strong financial foundations for a brighter future. Bilingual volunteers are especially welcome. Sign up now and be an inspiration for financial empowerment.

Work Alongside Students

You will work alongside students, supporting them in facilitating games and activities that teach financial literacy skills. These events are an excellent opportunity for volunteers to make a positive impact on the community, while also gaining valuable experience in financial education. Sign up today to join our team and help families build strong financial foundations for their future. Bilingual volunteers are always appreciated!

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering with the Arizona Council on Economic Education is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to give back to their community while also providing valuable team-building experiences for their employees. By volunteering with us, companies can help support financial literacy initiatives in Arizona and empower students with the tools they need to make smart financial decisions.

Strong Business and Community Relationships

Fostering relationships between schools, financial institutions, community organizations, and local businesses provide resources, expertise, and real-world experiences to our students. Our corporate volunteer program offers a variety of opportunities, from leading financial education workshops to serving as advisors for young entrepreneurs. Volunteering with us can also help build stronger relationships between businesses and the communities they serve. Not only does this benefit the students and families who participate in our programs, but it can also enhance the reputation of the businesses who support us. Join our corporate volunteer program today and make a positive impact on the financial future of Arizona’s youth.

Brandon Copeland and corporate volunteers at Financial Fitness in Action
Volunteers from Zelle at ACEE Financial Fitness in Action