Building Young Entrepreneurs

Grade: 9 - Adult Education
40 minutes

Entrepreneurs are all around us. Could you be next? Do you have a hobby or a talent that you would enjoy getting paid for?  Do you think about new products or services that could be turned into a profitable business?  Do you want to own your own company but aren’t sure what steps are necessary to get started?

The Building Young Entrepreneurs online curriculum will help youth understand the steps needed to turn their ideas into a business. The lessons will introduce youth to:​

  • The role of entrepreneurs in our society
  • How to generate product or service ideas
  • The importance of market research to determine what consumers are looking for
  • How to use market research to develop a marketing plan
  • Sources of funding to meet your business’ needs
  • Steps to complete to become a legal business
  • How to write a business plan and develop a pitch for investors
  • Key financial statements that show how your business is performing financially
  • Ways to market your business to gain customers and grow

The tasks and activities youth complete will be for THEIR business.

To learn more and gain access to this program, please view the on-demand webinar or upcoming live training (if available).

**This program is a supplemental resource for tribal communities nationwide and Arizona educators.

On-demand webinar time: 40 minutes

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