Money Minutes*

Grade: K-12
40 minutes

If you’re a teacher who wants to add relevance to your classroom, then Money Minutes is a tool for you. Money Minutes is a resource to support classroom educators in developing student math skills in the context of financial literacy.  You can use money to teach math!  

Money Minutes are short exercises that could be used as bellwork, a review, in stations, or for practice.  Each exercise is tied directly to an Arizona math standard for grades K-8, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. They use realistic problems related to topics like earning, saving, spending, and decision-making that students and their families could face. Extension activities tied to each exercise can be used to deepen students’ understanding of the personal finance concept.  

Money Minutes were developed by a team of Arizona math teachers who wanted to help Arizona students become more financially literate.  We hope you will use these to enhance the math you are already teaching in your classroom.

To learn more and gain access to this program, please watch the on-demand webinar or upcoming live training (if available).

On-demand webinar time: 40 minutes

*ASU STEM Acceleration Project Approved.

**This program is a supplemental resource based on Arizona state academic standards for Arizona teachers.

***This program has been approved by ADE to meet part of the requirements for high school students to obtain a Seal of Personal Finance on their diploma.

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