Lauren Joseph

Program Assistant

Lauren’s professional journey has taken her through diverse roles, each contributing to her passion for education and community engagement.

Currently, as Program Assistant, she plays a pivotal role in supporting ACEE’s Program Directors. Lauren’s responsibilities include coordinating with schools and volunteers, managing inventory, and planning events. Parallel to her role at ACEE, Lauren is a Realtor with American Realty Brokers and mother of two amazing kids. She is dedicated to helping Arizona families find their dream homes, and serves on multiple non-profit boards, including the Parent Service Organization board for Great Hearts Arete Academy.

Lauren previously enjoyed a rewarding 15-year career in the banking industry, where she managed clients with substantial financial portfolios. She excelled at deepening relationships and providing effective analysis to help clients succeed financially. Lauren’s journey from banking to education and real estate has been both fulfilling and purpose-driven. She is passionate about community, education, and making a positive impact.