Photo of Scott Kailikea

Scott Kailikea

US Bank

As Vice President and District Manager of US Bank, Scott Kailikea steers a district comprising 18 branches, strategically guiding his team to achieve financial objectives and contribute to overall company profitability. As a dedicated leader, he coaches managers, meticulously reviews financial data, and ensures that his district consistently meets and exceeds profitability targets, securing success for himself and the 18 managers under his leadership. Over the course of his dynamic career, Scott has held key roles, including overseeing six branch sites, and managing over 67 mortgage loan officers at Countrywide Home Loans, navigating the challenges of the 2008 financial crisis. Subsequently joining U.S. Bank, he progressed through various managerial levels.

A native of Medford, Oregon, Scott is a seasoned banking professional with a distinguished career marked by leadership and financial acumen. He pursued his undergraduate studies at Oregon State University, earning a B.S. degree in Psychology. Scott initiated his banking career as a part-time personal banker while attending college, demonstrating early dedication to the financial industry.

Scott has lived in Arizona since 2002 and currently lives in Waddell, AZ with his wife Stephanie and three daughters Melia, Leilani and Kaia. In his spare time, Scott likes to work out, play golf and spend time with family and friends.