Photo of Kevin Li
Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Student Spotlight – Kevin

ACEE values the culture, traditions, and history of our supporters. Join us in celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

Q: How has your family and cultural background shaped the person you want to become? 

Growing up with parents who immigrated from China, I was deeply influenced by their perspectives on value and perseverance. In China, resourcefulness and frugality are often necessary virtues due to economic constraints. Observing my parents’ (especially my dad) careful management of finances and their dedication to making the most of every opportunity instilled in me a profound respect for hard work and the importance of financial prudence. Their journey over thousands of miles to build a new life here has inspired me to tirelessly pursue my dreams, always remembering that perseverance and careful planning are key to overcoming challenges and achieving success. Inspired by their example, I aim to become a person who not only plans meticulously for the future by investing wisely, maintaining a robust savings account, and using budgeting tools to track expenses but also influences those around me to make smart financial decisions. I hope to empower my community to achieve greater financial stability and independence.

Q: What makes ACEE significant in your perspective?

From my perspective, organizations such as ACEE play a crucial role in promoting financial and economic literacy, skills that are indispensable in today’s world. By organizing workshops and events specifically designed for low-income families, ACEE empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions, which is vital for economic independence and stability. For example, their free programs on budget management and investment basics help attendees understand how to grow their savings and avoid debt. Beyond these initiatives, ACEE also collaborates with schools to integrate economic education into the K-12 curriculum, ensuring that young students develop financial literacy from an early age. This educational outreach includes teacher training programs that equip educators with the tools to teach economics effectively, thus multiplying the impact of ACEE’s work. ACEE’s work is fundamentally significant in contributing to the economic well-being of the broader community.