Women's History Month

Volunteer Spotlight Traci Sawyer-Sinkbeil

ACEE values the culture, traditions, and history of our supporters. Join us in celebrating Women's History Month!

Q: How did your family and culture influence who you are today? 

My family has always been supportive of my goals and dreams in life, whether it was when I wanted to become a doctor or when I decided to change my career path to become an accounting professional. I come from a long line of strong Latina women who continuously encourage one another to become better and push the boundaries of what we have been told we are capable of achieving. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their encouragement and the strength and tenacity that they have instilled in me.

Q: Why is ACEE important to you?

ACEE provides students with support and guidance to be responsible in their skills and to help students make informed and effective decisions with financial resources. ACEE provides students with the skills to effectively understand their personal financial management, budgeting, and everyday spending. Too many students leave high school and don’t have the confidence to make better decisions with their finances. The world continues to change, and our economy seems to fluctuate daily, but with the help of ACEE and truly vested teachers, we can give our students the best resources possible so they can be financially and economically responsible in their future. ACEE not only helps students but Arizona teachers as well, and that is very important to me. Work smarter, not harder. Work together, not separately.

Q: Why do you care about financial and economic education?

The reason I care about financial and economic education is that our youth can become entrepreneurs and business owners in the future. Giving them the necessary tools and skills now will help them grow and establish their thinking and assessment of what is right and what WILL work. It is about financial behavior and effective financial practices that will help navigate life’s stages, changes, and the big decisions that will make them successful. In turn, they will share with those who are eager to learn just like they did. Full circle thinking and education…indeed.